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We are a traditional martial arts school for the modern age.  Offering exceptional training in Karate-Do, Kobudo, Iaido  and our own sports conditioning class, K-Fit.  If you are looking for exceptional training, fun and engaging classes, with programs for the entire family, then Mendonca AMA is the place for you.  Sign up for a free class or come by the dojo anytime to check us out.



Mendonca AMA has competed in the 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017  NKF National Karate Championships and US open: taking over 90 athletes over those years and returning with an impressive 90 medals: 42 Gold, 35 Silver, 23 Bronze!  Come and join our team of amazing athletes and see what Mendonca AMA is all about.




Looking for a fast paced, high energy, and high intensity workout?  Then give K-Fit a try.  Our K-Fit classes are a great way to condition your body like an athlete.   With the use of high intensity interval training (HIIT), functional movement, and preconception you will get an amazing workout.  So give it a try today and see what you have been missing from your work out.



Contact us any time. We cannot wait to see you on the mat.

503 857 5450

1255 NE Alpine Ave

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